Marriage, like any close relationship, is incredibly challenging to navigate. Throw in a an encapsulating job, kids...and more kids, serving at church, taking out the trash, maintaining relationships with those close to us and all of a sudden the thing most important to us gets neglected. It is not intentional to neglect this relationship, but it happens, while we are doing OTHER good things.

We love to travel with kids, but there is something about traveling alone together that seems to put a 'reset' on our marriage. It's a renewal that we feel and can appreciate. We have found getting away often acts as an "interruption" in our marriage. As the monotony of life can sometimes spin madly on, we get  into cycles of bad communication and gain bad habits. Regularly taking time away serves as a renewal of sorts. When we purposefully spend time working on our marriage and our relationship with our God, a breath of new life seems to enter our lives. Maybe this is because we can play for the day, or be encouraged through a speaker, or maybe it is because we find that when we get away, we can focus on each other and build memories unique to the ones we build at home.

For that reason, these 4 days are so critical to us and something we can get passionate about together. We wanted to create a getaway that was affordable, valuable in content, and in a location that would force you to take a deep breath and get away from life as usual.


As a Marriage and Family Therapist (Sarah) and a Pastor/Small Business Owner (Luke), we regularly get lost in our work. We are now starting to think differently in how our words and actions can and cannot help contribute to the growth of others. Time and time again we are brought back to the simple but powerful words of Jesus, "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." So whether you are stressed or blessed, a getaway can be a restful time to look at each other and say, "Hi, how are you?" or maybe, "Let's have fun today!" 

- Luke & Sarah Pettengill

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